For all of our lovely guests who have been asking for our gift list, we have finally come up with some ideas!


As you know we are truly blessed to have a home to live in, food to eat and a safe place to be....however there are many young people who don't.

You might not know but Mark's company's first ever office was in a building called Centre Point, which we feel is very fitting as there is a charity for homeless young people by the same name.

So we ask that if you would like to buy us a gift, buy us the gift of knowing that us getting married has helped a young person to get back on their feet.

To do this you can click on the link below and pick the value of gift you would like to give....we would love to know what you bought 'us' and how many young people you have helped so please let us know if you decide to do this.


For those of you that want to get us a more traditional gift we have also set up a small list at John Lewis, for some keepsake items for our home.

Gift list number 641169


oh and finally if all else fails, we really love Champagne!

Thank you everyone and remember your presence is present enough for us!



Pamela and Mark